08 July 2010

A list showing why my grandmother won't be decorating my apartment

My Grandparents have lived at the same address my entire life (and I don't expect them to move). Once or twice a year, my family and I make the seven-hour journey to their home. I have celebrated birthdays there. I have opened Christmas presents there. I enjoyed the majority of my 13th summer there. It is never long before we make plans for our next visit.

Consequently, I am quite familiar with their humble, brick abode. I have grown accustomed to the windowless, pitch-black rooms of the basement, the creepy, but well-lit doll room upstairs, and the toilet in the middle of the laundry room. I have adjusted to the creaky floor-boards, the odd feel of the water, and the frighteningly low ceiling fans.

But the familiarity of the place has caused me to overlook the peculiarity of several smaller objects. I took my grandmother's trinkets for granted . . . until our latest trip. My sister and I were joking about the dolls (again), and as though a veil had lifted, we started to see all the unusual objects my grandmother had not only collected, but also proudly displayed. Inspired, I snapped a few pictures, and share them now with you.

First, a sampling of the dolls - In the room upstairs, they line the walls. I count myself lucky to have a mere dresser top of them next to my bedside.

Second, a praying dinosaur - I had to ask about this one. Apparently my great-grandmother made it, presumably for one of my uncles. I can only guess what she was thinking. (Maybe . . . boys like dinosaurs . . . Baptists like prayer . . . Baptist grandsons like praying dinosaurs?)

Third, I don't know what this is - a crocheting project? You tell me. I'm not sure even Dr. Seuss could have envisioned this guy.

Fourth, a frog vase - looks like it was made for pencils or suckers, but when Grandma is in charge, he gets fake flowers put in his head.

Fifth, baskets with greenery - I don't mind the baskets, but I'm not sure the dusty lines of leaves are working for me. Notice the white bear on the right - for some reason I actually like his inclusion.

Sixth, a mismatched shelf - several of these can be seen, but I found this delightful arrangement of lamps, hats, baskets, and dolls to be a fabulous example.

Seventh, one of Grandpa's hats - these literally hang around the house. This one appeared when I shut the door and was surprised to see such a statement come from the corner. If only I could find a hat that concurs or dissents to hang nearby next visit.

Eighth, a wreath and a basket - Although it seemed odd to find it hanging on the middle of a bedroom wall, I think the combination is laudable.

Ninth, Raggedy Ann and Andy - Again, this pair can be found in various forms throughout the house, but I appreciated the over-sized heads on this duo the best.

Tenth, the couch - Pottery Barn can't touch the craftsmanship here. This comfy three-seater has been a favorite of mine for years. I've watched movies on it, played video games on it, and slept on it. I will cry if this couch ever disappears.