01 April 2010

Late, but joining the party anyway

My entire life I have felt just a little bit behind. I didn't learn to walk until several months past my first birthday. I didn't get a snap bracelet until the end of kindergarten. I didn't join the softball team until 5th grade. I didn't start a diary until 9th. I didn't decide to pursue speech or drama until 11th. I didn't really know what I wanted to major in until I finished my freshman year at college. I didn't have a boyfriend until my junior year. I graduated over a year ago, but still don't have a job in my field. And finally today, I decided to see what the appeal of a blog might be, even though online journals have been around since people used Netscape as their browser.

Why today? (I hear my imaginary audience ask.) The answer is best kept to three parts. Well, I don't know if three is best, but I tend to believe anything worth rationalizing should have three supporting reasons.

First, I felt the need for a sense of accountability. Not that I feel incredibly liable for what I say, but as you have the opportunity to post comments, perhaps I will tread more softly when I state an opinion. Second, I need to practice writing for an audience. Thus far, I have written for one person--myself. I have selfishly explored the thoughts in my head on hidden journals which are written in barely legible cursive so if they (heaven forbid!) are ever found, the trespassing snooper will have to strain to read their contents. Third, after following several blogs the last couple years, I am quite simply, curious. They seem to have fun; they seem to grow as writers; they make me smile; they make me think. So I ask the question - Am I capable of being a light, an influence, an instigator of positive reflection, or am I going to limit my thoughts to those I trust not to disagree?

The devil's advocate in my head insists I at least consider the ramifications of beginning this blog.
1. I don't generally share my thoughts with others for fear of revealing my naivety, ignorance, or prejudice.
2. I have never been able to successfully proofread my own writing. This blog will be riddled with errors the perfectionist in me will be aghast to find.
3. I won't be consistent in posting anyway.

Duly noted.

Nonetheless, I ignore my reservations and fears regarding this new forum for my thoughts and quietly join those who have gone before to blaze the trail and have found their catharsis in blogging.

Something you may already know: The origin of "devil's advocate":

In the Roman Catholic church, this was the person designated to critically examine the life of and miracles attributed to an individual proposed for beatification or canonization. He was popularly called the devil's advocate because his presentation of facts included everything unfavorable to the candidate. Pope Leo X, in the early 15th century, seems to have introduced the term, but Sixtus V formally established the office in 1587. The office was abolished when Pope John Paul II revised the canonization procedures in 1979.
(thanks Encyclopedia Britannica)

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