21 April 2010

We see what we want to see

Last week hypocrisy struck my face and I started to see it everywhere.
I found it under the surface of the smiles and frowns of strangers.
I found it passed in a bill by the senate.
I found it on the screen of a favorite movie.
I found it within the pages of my beloved books.
I found it behind to remarks of family and friends.
I found it hiding in the recesses of my own heart and mind.
I listened to their lies and told a few myself until the facade enveloped my vision and I had to close my eyes.

Yesterday I combated my disillusion by seeking kindness and compassion.
I found it shining through my window at morning.
I found it posted on the internet.
I found it singing a tune on the radio.
I found it interviewing an earthquake victim.
I found it whispered in conversation with friends.
I found it wrapped in reassuring hugs from a loved one.
I found it transforming the desires of my heart, mind, and soul.
I felt the bitterness I had harbored dissolve as it was slowly replaced by the renewed hope in my dreams and I blinked at their beauty.

How can I be so fickle? Am limited by the scope of my quest? How much would I see if I looked for more than what I want?

This week I choose to look for love.

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