15 June 2010

A list of things I like

(I am starting simple with this list idea)

*Music - especially Rachmaninoff, Classical with a cello featured, acoustic/folk music, feel-good oldies, strong melodies and lyrics, and intriguing chord progressions
*Movies - anything that will intrigue me, make me see something in a new way, laugh out loud, smile several days after watching it, and surprise me
*Books - particularly those with a unique voice, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, strong characters, poetic-like prose, and quotability
*Photography - especially black and white, closeups of people, moments captured, or pictures of the ever-changing sky
*Questions that challenge my thinking
*Plays on words and phrases
*Coffee, chocolate, chips & salsa, peanut butter, cheese and crackers, and I had better stop with the food . . .
*Pretending I know more than I do about something
*Inside/on-going jokes
*Playing piano when no one is listening
*Explaining things
*Eyes, smiles, strong arms and hands, dark hair (sigh)
*Trumpets, saxophones, guitars, cellos
*Imagery concerning light
*Listening to intelligent (not pretentious) conversation
*Reading aloud
*Finishing things

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