24 June 2010

The negatives: A list of things I don't like

(This list seemed a natural choice to follow up the last one)

*Fake flowers or plants
*Clingy people
*When people catch me singing/talking to myself
*Animals - especially birds - in cages (see below)
*Frivolous/Flighty/Flaky girls or women
*Arrogant/Inconsiderate/Obsessed boys or men
*The question "how are you?"
*Not knowing what to say to someone I haven't seen in a while
*Clarinets and Oboes
*Extremes - especially in regards to emotion or opinion
*Picking favorites of things
*Movies made for shock value
*The fact I need to sleep (so much wasted time)
*When my face is flushed
*When I'm so nervous I shake
*Not knowing a good way to end something

Something you may already know: I learned not too long ago that when you keep a bird as a pet, it is necessary to have it's wings clipped - but not just to keep it from escaping. When birds who don't normally fly try to, they end up running in to walls or windows which can hurt/kill them. So, if you take away their freedom, you must also take away their flight.

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