11 September 2010

Dreams vs Reality

My dreams are brief and hard to hold
lasting seconds before they're cold.

They live a minute, sometimes less,
But for those moments I can think
One day I'll be the greatest . . .

(friend sister daughter
teacher writer motivator
musician poet philosopher)

. . . this world could ever see.

For sixty seconds I imagine myself
having an impact in the world,
making it better.

That brief moment fills me up,
lighting my face and lifting my features
until I could almost burst.

But then reality sets back in
throwing a blanket over my passion
smothering its flames.

I remember my limitations
my faults and inadequacies

No - my dreams will never last
Reality is too strong,
too stifling.

I return to my stoic self
and wait
for the next precious minute
to live.

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