07 September 2010

Thoughts after painting my room

I know it looks busy, but I like being surrounded by books
I redecorated my room this week (see picture). I was going for classy, so even though I love color, I ended up going with a plain beige hue for the walls (although I am calling it white-chocolate mocha). While I was painting, organizing, hanging pictures, and doing everything else that goes with said process, a few ideas occurred to me. I record them here for you in a format reminiscent of report card comments.

1) Does not paint well with others - I found out very quickly that when I am painting a room, I want to do it myself. You can help me move heavy items, and perhaps give advice, but when it comes to painting - don't try to pick up a brush or roller and help. I am way too critical to appreciate it. When I paint, I go over and over my work to make sure there are no flaws. When you paint, however, I have to either fix it while your back is turned, try to let you know without sounding judgmental, or let it be. If you wish to remain friends, just don't try to help.

2) Is organized, but a bit cluttered - I have soooooo much stuff. The picture includes just 2 bookshelves of my things. I know I'm a bit of a pack-rat, but where did this stuff come from? And now that I have become more environmentally conscious, I don't want to throw any of it away - I want to put it to use. Maybe I should take a trip to Salvation Army.

3) Easily distracted, needs better focus - I found the right bedspread (thanks Kohl's), painted  rather quickly, and arranged the bigger items in no time, but when it came to putting away all my books, trinkets, and other books, I was quite a bit slower.

4) Has matured since last quarter - While I was hoping to add some color to the walls, I couldn't come up with a properly subdued combo that wasn't overly cliched already (see red, black, and white). But the effect is what I wanted. My way of transitioning into the adult world. (My last room was pastel-themed and had an overabundance of hearts and stuffed animals - uplifting perhaps, but juvenile as well.)

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