10 August 2010

A list of things I've lost

*Dozens of socks
*Hundreds of pens and pencils
*My ability to play flawless scales on the flute and piano
*Several books (mainly due to lending them to "friends")
*My ability to trust people
*My fluency in Spanish
*Half of each of my front two teeth
*Most of the softball games I've played (not my fault . . . not entirely at least)
*Most of my innocence
*Several naive viewpoints (still clinging to a few)
*Hours whilst playing RPGs (a weakness, I admit)
*Anything I once saved on a floppy disk
*My friends from high school
*My favorite pair of earrings, sunglasses, and pants
*All those Pogs I collected in grade school
*My first kiss
*Countless tears
*Clear direction for the rest of my life

P.S. (My ability to read long, boring works of fiction in their entirety - I blame Cliffsnotes)

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