01 August 2010

When the truth merely blinds

Before I write what I want to say - let me write a bit of a preface. I love truth. I am all about truth and telling people it's important - sometimes convincing people it exists (or at least attempting to convince). Without truth I would have no hope, this world would seem a purposeless wasteland. Okay, preface over.

Truth is often compared to light. It helps us see what we once could not. We don't like to journey into the unknown without it. But I have also found the truth blinding. It becomes a light so powerful we cannot avert our eyes. We lose sight of everything else because, at that moment, nothing else seems important.

People who fill themselves with nothing but truth often become as cold and blinding as the fluorescent bulbs at the dentist office. The Bible tells us Christ walked the earth full of grace and truth and the apostle Paul says to speak the truth in love. Truth is a beautiful thing when it is tempered with kindness and mercy, but a cruel and heartless belief when left alone.

Perhaps that's what is wrong with organized religion. It's cold because it merely thinks and acts rather than feels. Understanding isn't complete without empathy.

Yes, they have spoken accurately, but what are they ignoring while traveling down that tunnel of truth?

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