19 August 2010

A change in thinking

"The smallest good deed is greater than the grandest intention"

I recently heard this statement used and (for perhaps the first time) I believed its message.

Previously, I had been stuck on the implications of good intent - i.e. a good heart/soul or a person who recognizes right and wrong and wishes good's prevail. Who cares about a small, but good deed when anyone can do a few decent things from time to time without being truly "good".

But that isn't the point of the remark.

When we have good intentions, we can believe ourselves to be great, wonderful people, but those around us have no evidence. The casual onlooker would have no reason to think well of you. Thoughts don't catch on - actions do. Even the tiniest act of kindness can be a tangible example for the world to follow - rather than remain puffed up by all the wishes it thought about fulfilling.

Intentions are important when you want to be genuine, but if you want to make an impact - look around and do something great - even if it's just calling your mom to tell her you love her.

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