23 August 2010

A Vicarious Kleptomaniac

I suppress many of the urges I feel. When people say dumb things, I stop myself from saying some biting comment that will make them feel as stupid and they sounded. Whenever I see a lawn sprinkler, I hold back the desire to jump through it - especially if I'm wearing a thin/white t-shirt. And often, I have found the need to resist the impulse of taking something unattended - no matter how valuable. It doesn't matter if the item in question is a necklace or a snazzy paperclip - if no one is watching, I am tempted to take. Luckily, I have a tremendously overactive conscious which enables me to control myself - knowing I will only feel guilty later.

Still, I have lately come to see another way I vent this yearning to break the 8th commandment. I watch movies. I started thinking about all the Heist/Caper/Con Artist films I've seen and I was amazed. So, I am making a list of some of my favorites here. (I see no need to distinguish a heist from a con, so they are all included - I think the main difference is whether the focus is on the thief or the theft, but anyway . . . )

*The Sting - too much to say, just watch
*21 - read the book if the movie let you down
*Catch Me if You Can - read the book even if you did like the movie
*Matchstick Men - wow, just wow
*To Catch a Thief - Hitchcock should have made more of these
*Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - hilarious

 *Oceans 11, 12, 13 and original rat pack film - all great! (well, 12 was ok)
*The Brother's Bloom - fabulous
*The Thomas Crown Affair - the reason I love Magritte
*The Usual Suspects - Who is Keyser Soze?

*How to Steal a Million - I intend to use a boomerang in all my future heists
*Sneakers - so underrated
*Entrapment - despite the odd romance
*The Italian Job - refering to the remake, but the original's good too

Also, TV Shows

And that doesn't include all the shows and movies that involve stealing (i.e. any espionage or pirate movie ever made).

I'm obsessed, but at least it's a victimless habit - I think.

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