01 October 2010

30 Days of Truth

What is it?

A collection of 30 questions - developed by someone, and answered by many. I found several blogs including them, but no informative websites of official looking pages explaining the concept. (Probably because it's so simple) I will probably add a page of them later.

Why am I doing it?

I have this tendency (and I know I'm not alone) to show only the pieces of myself I like or have decided to examine. I hide parts of myself I am ashamed of. I like the idea of taking someone else's questions and making myself not only answer them, but also share those answers. 

Why now?

I found a blog (called Life of Cynicism) who was going to start it and I thought the concept was interesting . . . then I stumbled upon a forum seeing if anyone else was doing it (on 20SB) and I thought perhaps I should try it - you can see that from my comment. :) Also, October has 31 days, so with this introduction and the consecutive days, I can make it a month-long journey. It's a schedule I've never adhered to before, so I welcome the challenge.

What do I like about the questions?

They are obvious and general, but ones everyone should consider. They leave room for great diversity in answering, so I doubt any answers would be the same. They are questions everyone should be able to answer.

What don't I like about the questions?

Some are contrived and seem to be a little too reflective of current events (see gay marriage). Some are a little too stereotypical, psychological questions (what do you love/hate about yourself). Several included swear words (which you may notice I don't use) and I'm not including them because they are poor attempts to intensify feeling and draw attention. 

Am I changing any?

At the moment, I am only changing the wording of a couple, but once I start truly answering them, I reserve the right to replace an impossible/uninteresting question with a better one.

Anything else?

I could easily make all these questions about my faith and religious beliefs. I'm not going to do that. I didn't intend for this blog to be about my faith - although my beliefs greatly impact it - so I'm going to answer the questions in the same manner. Also, I still intend to post regarding other topics, so I hope the next 30 days doesn't overwhelm you.

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  1. Can't wait to start reading. Have fun with it.