26 October 2010

Day 25: The reason you believe you're still alive today

One reason? I think not. 

Here are a few of the reasons:

*God (and all things included)
*My parents love me and stopped me from doing stupid things
*I never rarely played with matches (one of many warnings)
*I drive responsibly (because my dad told me to)
*I have never fought in a war (because my mom wouldn't let me)
*I ate my vegetables
*Others fought/fight for me and my country (including my brother)
*The kindness of strangers (on whom I have always depended)
*DJ and Stephanie (Full House) made most of my mistakes for me
*I spend most of my time reading rather than partaking in other, more dangerous activities (like sky diving or horseback riding)
*I always park my car under a street light (luminescence scares away murderers, thieves and other unscrupulous characters - an email told me so)
*I chew my food slowly
*I don't live in a place with earthquakes or hurricanes, and tornadoes are relatively easy to avoid
*I'm still in my twenties
*Just lucky, I guess

Confession: I was bored and played with the font - it's still readable right?

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