22 October 2010

Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol

First, I should admit my extremely limited consumption of alcohol and my complete abstinence from any nonprescription or Tylenol type drugs. In high school and college (when movies tell you it should happen) I was never offered anything. I wasn't even invited to the parties where I would have been offered anything. I guess my reputation as a straight-laced-Daddy's-girl prevented any attempts. And truthfully, I have never, nor do I intend to experiment with anything illegal. Although, if something were to become legal . . . yeah, I probably still wouldn't try it. Why? Keep reading.

I have strong reservations about taking drugs or consuming large quantities of alcohol because I'm a control-freak. Not so much that you would immediately notice, but I really, really hate losing control. I think it's the main reason I don't get angry or overly emotional. It might also contribute to various trust issues and my inability to watch 2 year olds for long periods of time.

Drugs and alcohol also - from an expense standpoint - don't make sense to me. I am reluctant to invest money into something so . . . unnecessary. An addiction to any drug is going to waste money and time. I could be saving kittens, sweeping sidewalks, or recycling. I'm not sure getting high appeals to me - where's the value?

In addition, alcohol and drugs affect people differently, require heightened restrictions, and a great deal of personal responsibility. But what you do for fun, relaxation, or socialization should be up to you.  The battle against alcohol is already lost. And one illegal drug in particular seems  acceptable in certain forms. Either way, it's not for me to decide and it's certainly not up to a government heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies to decide.

Making something illegal does not decrease it's use. Might I suggest giving people something else to live for instead?

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