31 October 2010

Day 30: Write a letter to yourself

Congratulations on making it through an entire month of posts. I didn't think you could make it. Or perhaps, I didn't think you were capable of talking about yourself so much. Clearly, you have a bigger ego than we thought. 
I'm am, however, impressed you didn't lose followers when you expressed your thoughts on religion or politics or getting pregnant. Perhaps you have been wrong to change the way you act around every person you know. Although I would suggest you continue to tread softly. I've also noticed that on this blog you've had a chance to write to people you know very little about, and yet, no one has told you you're dumb, silly, or boring like you thought they would. Or perhaps those people are the ones who visited, but didn't come back. Either way, you worried too much.

Still, you have a lot to do. You have said many things that require follow through. Perhaps you still need to share more of yourself and not worry so much about what other's think. You pretend not to care, but I cannot be fooled (by you anyway). So keep changing, growing, sharing, thinking, and working. Every morning, resolve to be a better person than you were yesterday.
Stop settling for mediocrity. Stop letting other people live your life for you. Stop letting your fears consume you. Stop being what you think people expect. Work hard. Speak up. Get out there. Let your curiosities and interests overcome your reservations. Surprise people with your abilities, your knowledge, your love, and your generosity.
We're in this together, I'm pulling for you.

P.S. I also know you're not crazy for talking to yourself for so long - don't let anyone tell you differently.

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