16 October 2010

Day 15: Something you couldn't live without (because you've tried)

My immediate thought is coffee, but a quick search for blogs revealed 50 million results. I hope some of those were duplicates, but I did see several blogs devoted simply to coffee. But even though I'm not being original, it's the only topic that appeals to me at present. Probably because I just got a new creamer to try out. I would try it now, but it's a tad late. Clearly, the half-hearted attempt I once made to rid myself of the addiction was ill-fated from the start. And I'm glad. Coffee consumption is easy to justify.

Justification #1: Heath Benefits

*Preventing Cancer - several studies show coffee prevents certain kinds including decreasing one's chances of liver cancers, intestinal cancers, and even ovarian and prostrate cancer.

*Preventing Type II Diabetes - research is more limited, but a few have suggested that cancer decreases this risk as well.

*Preventing Gallstones - studies show regular coffee drinkers have a decreased risk of developing gallstones.

*Preventing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's - studies conservatively say there is an "inverse relationship" between coffee and the development of these neurological diseases.

*Improved Liver Functions - research is ongoing, but coffee and livers seem to mesh well.

*Exercise Benefits? - this one surprised me, but caffeine (when consumed in moderation) can be an "ergogenic aid" which means it can increase performance of certain systems, in coffee's case it can improves how well muscles work. So don't start drinking decaffeinated blends just yet.

(Most of this information was taken from Positivelycoffee.org)

Justification #2: Snob Appeal 

*Photo ops are plentiful when coffee is present, especially when reading. Also, using a coffee mug to cover the lower half of one's face is an easy option for the shy profile picture. See right, I don't know the guy, but I feel the need to copy his mug idea.

*Excuse to use snazzy words like "macchiato" and "percolation" and "huehuetenango"

*Plenty of readily accessible decorating themes

*Reason to hangout in a coffee shop with your computer - makes checking facebook a much more satisfying experience

Justification #3: Enhanced social situations

*Coffee is the world's most popular choice of drink and an immediate source of ice-breaking communication (see "do you like your coffee the way you like your men?" and other questions). Also, coffee houses essentially brought about the period of Enlightenment just by putting a few crazy, coffee-loving minds into the same room.

*Some of my favorite moments with friends have been at coffee houses. I don't think I'm alone in that.

*Coffee is great for lapses in conversation - one always looks thoughtful when sipping coffee and you can do that several times before you have to say something. Also, with the extra stimulation you're bound to have something to say.

Well, I feel better about this slight addiction.

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