19 October 2010

Day 18: Your views on gay marriage

I'm not sure why this topic comes before I give you any background regarding my political and religious beliefs, but even though I'm tempted to switch the days around, I feel as though I have fiddled with this list enough. I am certain, however, that many thoughts I share today will be reiterated tomorrow. Also, I apologize for the seriousness of these posts, but I don't generally joke about politics - which is sad because it shut out several potential career paths.

First of all, people lose all sense of decency in this discussion. They throw in red herrings, build up straw men, pursue non sequitur arguments, and commit just about every other logical atrocity there is. It's embarrassing. I rarely voice my opinion for fear of increasing the absurdity, intolerance, and tactless behavior. And I'm not talking about one side or the other - both sides are making the same mistakes.

Second, marriage and homosexuality are two different topics. Marriage (we'll start there) is something I have become increasingly disillusioned with. Perhaps I have lost faith in men and therefore cannot see myself putting up with one long-term, or perhaps I'm worried about becoming a nagging, manipulate wife obsessed with getting a better couch, but I'm not interested right now. I've seen so many people get caught up in their passions causing them to ignore advice from friends and family. They get married simply because it seems to be the next logical step, but they aren't committed to the relationship - just the happiness of the moment. Marriage is more than taking the next step, it's an unbreakable resolve to love someone "til death" regardless of circumstance or momentary emotion. Many people are so selfish the aren't capable of loving someone that much. I guess I'm saying that marriage is broken. It's become a means to combine income and pay less in taxes. Therefore, arguing to "preserve marriage" seems like a lost cause.

Homosexuality is one of the most personal topics in existence. It's talking about who you love. It's the entertaining of certain curiosities and feelings. It's mentioned in the Bible; it's mentioned in the Qur'an. Most religions address it in some form or another. Many condemn it. That's hard. It's difficult to listen to someone say your feelings are wrong. It's difficult to say someone's lifestyle is wrong. Luckily for me, that isn't the topic. The topic is gay marriage - or whether or not the government should allow it.

So here is my opinion (did you think I would ever get there?). It's not the government's job to determine the validity of a union. It doesn't do that anyway (see divorce). The government is merely interested in monetary concerns, visiting rights, and census counts. The only reason to fight gay marriage on a state level is because it complicates things. All the forms have to be changed, all the statements reworded. What do we do with the people who believe it's wrong? Hard questions have to be answered. But that's just laziness holding back a system. I believe you have the right to enter a union based on personal preference. None of my other beliefs should stand in the way of that.

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