23 October 2010

Day 21: Is just ridiculous

I'm skipping this post. It's too far-fetched for my tastes. Also, I don't generally fight with friends, nor do I believe a fight a few hours before would alter my reaction to an accident.

I would, however, like to add an addendum. (Is that redundant?)

I feel like I said "drugs and alcohol are stupid, but I won't stop you." That wasn't my intention. It is easy for me to judge something I have no interest in. I suppose those who don't like blogging (do people like that exist?) could easily say the time I spend online is wasteful. We put a lot of energy into the things we enjoy. What I meant to say was you should be free to do what makes you happy. I just think some people can't find something to be happy about so they just try doing what everyone else seems to like.

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