05 October 2010

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for

Wow, another forgiveness one. If I had looked ahead I would have waited until now to share my thoughts on the subject. But I've already done that. I can honestly say I am harboring no grudges. I have tried considering the parent angle (who doesn't feel as though their parents have "wronged" them at one time or another). However, I got over that in college. I'm no longer interested. So, I have little else to say tonight. Although, I do wish to share something.

I ignore most hardware stores. I'm not renovating and have no projects waiting for me in the garage, so looking through the rows of screws, nails, light switches, and tools doesn't interest me. I did, however, accompany someone to give my advice on carpet samples. While wandering through the aisles, I came across this sign.

I know putting words in lights gives them a certain awe factor, but not even neon can make something as boring as Vinyl seem ritzy. I also wonder what the people making the sign were thinking.

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