06 October 2010

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life

Hmmm . . . should I share a big, idealistic hope or a tiny, practical one? I believe I shall choose the one that is sadly a bit cliche, but it's the thought pressing the most on my mind.

I hope to travel more.

That would, however, imply I have traveled at least some. I wouldn't say I have. Sure, I've been around the United States. I've seen both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In Europe that distance would have crossed over several countries. But I don't want to travel just so I can put pictures on my facebook. I want to experience cultures drastically different from my own.

While I completely believe in vicarious understanding (i.e. if I watch enough French films I will have a decent grasp of their culture) there is something special and powerful about actually visiting Paris. You can't duplicate that no matter how many times you watch Paris, je t'aime.

So that's my hope. Specifically, I want to teach overseas in the not-too-distant future. Learn from them while I share my own knowledge. I also hope to take a train through Europe, get lost in a castle, and visit a real Oktoberfest.

I hope to drink a cup of coffee with someone who has a completely different worldview than I and just talk - maybe we'll discuss the weather.

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